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In spite of this, a career in the Merchant Navy is considered to be a highly satisfying one, especially if one is interested in travelling all around the world.The Indian Merchant Navy has been in existence since 1919 and is today ranked 15 th in the world in terms of DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage).

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The merchant navy provides a range of career paths, with opportunities at sea and onshore.Quickly find job opportunities, job postings job agencies and more.Prasad Guttedar via e-mail The merchant navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which.

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I need information about courses after graduation to join the merchant navy.Admission to the courses on nautical science and marine engineering is open to students who have completed the plus two or.

A blog specially created for seafarers working onboard Merchant Naval ships and for those seeking a career in Merchant Navy.Good pay, offbeat work environment, chance to travel around the world, tax benefits etc are the main highlights.Varying in capacity, a merchant navy is even called a merchant marine.

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Check out courses, eligibility criteria, career prospects and more in this article.Easily apply for the Top Job openings across major cities in India -


In the first part of this article, we have elaborated on details about Merchant navy, available courses and why to choose career in Merchant Navy.Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade, carrying cargo across the globe.

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Career Choice, Option, Information about Merchant Navy in India.Our goal is to educate the youth of India about merchant navy to make a career on sea in this regard we.

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Its fleet includes passenger vessels, cargo liners, tankers, carriers, as well as other special types of vehicles.The Merchant Navy is the maritime register of the United Kingdom, and describes the seagoing commercial interests of UK-registered ships and their crews.It is one of the essential parts of international trade as most of the import and export is done through ships.The starting salary 200 US dollars a month in training period.However, before you think of joining merchant navy you should know benefits of this job.Ship Captain (a.k.a. Master) is the person in charge of the ship responsible for the navigation, discipline, safety of passengers, crew and cargo.

Request call Back ---IMU-CET CoachingGP RatingDiploma in Nautical ScienceB.Sc Nautical ScienceB.Tech Marine EngineeringB.Sc Maritime ScienceB.Sc Ship.Check out the pros and cons associated with a job in the merchant navy.

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Our job search engine gives you all the tools you need to find your dream job.Deck or Engine are these two fields to have career in merchant navy.Like any other job, a career in the merchant navy has its fair share of pros and cons.The Merchant Navy turned to shipping companies that operated on inland or coastal waterways,.It includes three types of fleets, namely cargo carriers, passenger liners and oil tankers.

It takes many people, doing many different things, to operate a ship at sea.

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Candidates wishing to enter the navigational and engineering fields of Merchant Navy need to complete a Bachelors degree in Nautical Science or Marine engineering.

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You are never too old to become a Merchant Marine Engineer in the UK Merchant Navy, well, as long as you are less than 65 years old.By opting for a merchant navy career, individuals can combine a lot of.Find all information about RIDDHI CAREER MANAGEMENT recruitment and job openings.


Merchant Navy - A career in the Shipping Industry offers the chance of a unique and adventurous lifestyle packed with exciting career prospects.In Mumbai: 4 held for selling fake certificates for Merchant Navy job.

The Indian vessels are managed and operated by Indian Officers.

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We list all Help Wanted and new Merchant Navy job openings as they become available.They are offered jobs by various shipping companies in the government and private sector.

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A career in the Shipping Industry offers the chance of a unique and adventurous lifestyle packed with exciting career prospects.Merchant navy is a fleet of ships that is responsible for transporting heavy goods from one country to another.

Carrier In Mass Communication,Carrier In Hotel Management,Carrier In Fashion Designing,Carrier In Event Management,Carrier In Petroleum Engineering,Carrier.Careers At Sea - Merchant Navy Career Opportunities: How To Join Merchant Navy 2017.Without the merchant navy, much of the import-export business would grind to a halt.One starts off his career at sea from the bottom of the food chain (as listed above).

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A person gets a variety of benefits such as free food, accommodation, paid leave, two-way free passage and facilities for families.

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Merchant navy is one of the most lucrative options for students who want a rewarding career with golden opportunities knocking their doors.Make career in merchant navy in India and abroad starting salary is 20,000-50,000 with other facilities like free food accommodation medical world tour so many.Such a naming was the result of their service in the World War - I.The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet, which usually involves transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by the way of sea.

Merchant Navy After 10th Pre-Sea Courses. Quick View. Merchant Navy After 12th Pre-Sea Courses. Quick View. Admission. Add.Though the career offers high remunerations, it is a tough job as one has to stay at sea for months at a time.Merchant Navy, Jobs in Merchant Navy, Careers in Merchant Navy, Merchant Navy Jobs, Merchant Navy Careers and is a Maritime venture of young competent professionals aiming at providing a complete range of Merchant Navy Jobs Opportunities, Marine Jobs, Maritime Jobs Opportunities, Shipmanagement Mar.The Merchant Navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet which deals with transporting cargo and occasionally, passengers, by sea to destinations around the.